Annual Review 2018 - 30 Voices on 2030 - KPMG United Kingdom
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30 Voices on 2030

What does the future of financial services look like in a world of digital transformation?

The digital disruption of financial services is well underway, from the explosion of fin-techs to the opening up of financial services. But what will the industry look like when the dust has settled? In a dozen years’ time, how will the transformation we’re now going through have played out?

We spoke to 30 industry leaders – chief executives, regulators, entrepreneurs, associations, technologists and others – to gain a picture of what financial services might look like in 2030.

Addressing issues such as the CEO’s role in 2030, the way customers will act, the future shape of businesses and how regulators will govern the system, our 30 voices painted a vivid and – at times – unfamiliar landscape.

The opinion-formers in this KPMG research have some very clear visions of the future. Their predictions for the industry span the six pillars where KPMG also envisages dramatic change to:

  • The role of the financial services CEO
  • The business model of the future
  • Tomorrow’s customers
  • The growth of data and analytics
  • Regulation and trust
  • The operational shape of financial services firms

In each case, our interviewees believe the world will look radically different in 2030. And that businesses that lack the agility and imagination to adapt will be left behind.