• Scott Cullen, Associate Partner |
1 min read

 “‘As we start to come out of the pandemic, I think that given the changes that we are seeing to the way we work this is a really exciting time to be in HR or Reward”.

In this video, I discuss the impact that COVID-19 has already had and is likely to have going forward on HR and Reward.  

What does this mean for HR? Organisations are transforming like never before, roles are rapidly changing and there is a shortage of key skills and organisations need to identify new ways of attracting talent. Flexibility is at the top of the employee agenda and may now be valued even more than salary.

The ASDA and UBER court rulings highlighted the need for a real understanding of your workforce and the implications of reward decisions. Organisations must evaluate their approach to total reward implementation to drive engagement while also accounting for risk, tax, legal and other regulatory issues.

If you have any questions regarding total reward, want to talk about trends or have specific issues that need addressing then please get in touch.