• Nicola Brooks, Director |

“You still think technology is the right solution, so what’s gone wrong? Why aren’t people using it?”

In our latest video on the new reality, I discuss the complexities around implementing new technologies, such as user adoption, mapping processes and communication.  

Technology has played a critical role in maintaining operational resilience during COVID-19. For example, the pandemic has seen a shift towards homeworking, which has reinforced the need for resilient technology practices to support remote work management. As companies look to accelerate their digital transformations, the demands on legal teams are changing.

As we emerge from this global health crisis and prepare for the new reality, organisations are having to assess the effectiveness of their technology strategy.  Legal functions need to modernise existing practices to incorporate the right balance of people and processes, supported by the right technology.

Key considerations for legal teams include:

  • What’s blocking the uptake of new technology – is it user adoption?
  • Was the problem the technology was brought in to fix understood and clearly articulated?
  • Which parties were, or are currently, involved in mapping processes across to the new technology?
  • Can the technology be integrated into current ways of working or do practices need updating?
  • How effective was the communication strategy in ensuring user adoption and buy in?

If you’re starting out on your digital journey, or have already begun it, or you’re looking at how best to use technology, we’d love to speak to you.

Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more or to discuss your particular issues.