• Nick Ghamgosar, Manager |

“One key challenge COVID-19 has highlighted is a shortage in critical skills”

In our New Reality series, I look at the difficulties some organisations are facing in recruiting new talent and making sure they have the right skills to cover critical roles.

Four steps you can take

“We’re working with a number of clients to ensure they have the right skills, at the right time, in the right place, to constantly adapt to uncertain external trends.”

I have identified four steps that organisations can take now

  • Identify the roles that are critical to sustaining business operations in the short term.
  • Consider how you can redeploy talented people who are currently in roles where there is low demand.
  • Investigate how you can convert face-to-face training into virtual learning.
  • Identify where you can use technology to augment roles and free up employees to work in critical areas.

To assess the completeness of your COVID-19 response and your readiness for the return to the workplace, use our COVID-19 Response Assessment tools