• Lisa Heneghan, Partner |

“Digital transformation is not a one off. It’s a continuum of change that needs to be owned by the whole business.”

In our New Reality video, I discuss the critical need to continue adopting digital transformation strategies throughout times of crisis.

We have seen an unprecedented amount of change over the past couple of months, which has seen many organisations recognising the need to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Digital strategies have become even more essential tools in commercial and business models.

“Only last week, my client said to me: ‘We have a unique opportunity now, to challenge the things that have held us back in the past.’ And we’re hearing that in every sector, and in every geography. The opportunity to invest is now.”

Understanding your digital maturity

There are several factors you can consider when assessing the digital maturity of your organisation. Start by asking the following questions:

  • Where are you on your journey to cloud?
  • How advanced is your ‘digital workplace’?
  • Do you have a concrete data strategy?
  • What is your IT security capability?

You might be investing in new digital experiences, interactions, innovations, or new products and services – and it’s key that this transformation continues. 

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