• Isabel Ost, Director |

“Two major data protection challenges organisations continue to face during this pandemic are: first, how do they ensure that data is held securely? And secondly, how do they balance the privacy rights of individuals, when from a technical perspective, they’re able to collect so much personal data about them?”

In our new reality video, I look at the data protection challenges organisations have been facing during the pandemic, and question what they will need to consider post-COVID-19.

“Organisations have had to implement new technology incredibly quickly in order to ensure that their businesses could adapt to the new working from home business model, where that was possible. Unfortunately, for some organisations, that meant that they didn’t have the time to carry out the necessary compliance checks.”

While technology makes it possible to collect data quickly and effectively, organisations should consider whether it’s correct to do so. Companies that put data privacy at the forefront of their decisions can benefit hugely from employee and customer trust.

How much data do you need to collect?

As you consider the return to work, the question you should be asking is not “what data do I need to collect?” but “how much data do I need?”

Question if you can achieve the same result with less data collection. And ask how would your employees and customers feel about you collecting and using their data?

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