• Donna Sharp, Director |

"Success will be about finding flexible solutions that meet business needs and support employee wellbeing."

In light of COVID-19, HR teams are now under increased pressure to support their businesses in preserving cash and adapting to new patterns of customer demand. Importantly, they need to balance this with putting their people at the heart of their decision making. To manage this effectively, HR teams need to have a robust understanding of their organisations’ current situation and future needs. 

In this video I discuss the changes HR teams need to make to support their businesses and people in a new reality.

  • Adjust resources to protect cash: A soft touch approach is asking employees to take leave now; or encouraging them to take a sabbatical, possibly on reduced pay to make the option more appealing.
  • Redeploy staff: An example of this is from the office to distribution centres. And some are looking at short-term working measures.
  • Manage the return of furlough staff: You’ll need to think through which groups of staff you need back as a priority, as well as policies on travel, attendance and health and safety.

As we move to a new reality, the future for HR teams will be busy and challenging with unprecedented decision making required. However, identifying flexible solutions that align with business needs and support employee wellbeing will be crucial for success.

For further information and guidance on COVID-19, please refer to our dedicated insights resources area.