• Mel Newton, Partner |

"What are the key things we need to focus on over the next few weeks to enable productivity and engagement to remain high?"

In this video, we consider how organisations can maintain productivity and employee engagement as we move out of the initial crisis response to COVID-19. It’s likely that knowledge workers will continue working from home for some months – and possible that there will never be a complete return to office working.

Five priorities that are critical to keeping employees engaged as businesses enter recover and a new reality:
  1. Manage engagement and plan it carefully to maintain momentum
  2. Invest in the right tools for virtual working – now is a good time to consider long term investment in these
  3. Consider reviewing behaviours that underpin your company’s values – they may be different for a virtual environment
  4. Look at increased levels of support around mental health
  5. Invest in new capabilities to help you maintain productivity and retain your best talent 

For further information on managing the impact on your people and moving from operational resilience to recovery, take a look at our enterprise resilience resources.