How is technology supporting return to the workplace
  • Adrian Bradley, Director |

"Technology has a huge part to play in the return to work. This will be an enterprise resource planning challenge."

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the crucial challenge organisations had to overcome was the ability to scale infrastructure to facilitate remote working. Contrastingly, now that we are in the recovery phase, a focus on returning to the workplace is presenting an enterprise resource planning challenge, balancing the availability of employees with the readiness of locations, the availability of their supply chain and market demand.

In the below video we consider the role technology can play in helping organisations respond to the challenges returning to the workplace will present:

  1. Using workflows to assess employee risk – Enterprises need to manage workflows to capture information about their employees to assess their risk and give them clear guidance on whether they should return to work or not.
  2. Using analytics to inform schedules - Analytics will be used to optimise those schedules for return to work, so that the people who are returning are not only the right people to return, but they’re also consistent with the demand in the marketplace.
  3. Using technology to optimise the customer experience – Customer facing enterprises are going to have to use technology to understand and optimise the customer experience through what will be a very fluid situation.

We are helping clients address these challenges right now and importantly, we are also using technology to ensure our own employees feel confident to return to the workplace at the right time. We are developing a return to work app which will guide employees through a risk assessment, where we can leverage this data and help us optimise how we return to work. This technology will be made available to our clients as we move through this period.

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