COVID-19: A perspective for Supply Chains
  • Maureen O'Shea, Partner |

"It has been a tremendously busy time as we figured out how to get the right product to the right place in the most fiendishly complicated situation."

In this video, I reflect on the reactive environment supply chains have had to operate in over the past 8 weeks, the learnings COVID-19 has provided and the need to now focus on resilience as we move forward to a new reality.

There are three key emerging themes that are critical to this resilience journey: suppliers, scenario planning and the importance of footprint reviews.
  1. Suppliers – Understand them in depth and prioritise the key relationships.
  2. Scenario planning – Be at the heart of the scenario planning for the new reality your business will be facing into.
  3. Footprint reviews – With the new reality, your business is likely to look different. Make sure to plan to evolve the supply chain infrastructure to match that, and to do so in a future fit manner – which includes your environmental and climate goals.

COVID-19 has heightened the importance of a resilient supply chain. Have you future proofed your supply chain?

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