• David Elms, Partner |

“Consumption habits that have been gradually changing have suddenly been transformed.” 

The demand for content, whether it be audio, visual or written, has increased significantly. At the same time, consumption habits that have been gradually changing have suddenly been transformed.

A huge shift towards online media

During the lockdown, there has been an increase in demand for content. With that has come a huge shift towards media being consumed online and through streaming services. That presents a significant challenge for traditional media companies.

Understand your customers

COVID-19 is accelerating the structural shifts that have been happening over the past two decades. Companies will need to embrace these shifts and look for new areas of growth. To achieve that, understanding customers will be vital.

Become digitally-led and content-driven

By using brand recognition to adapt to consumer demands, media companies can develop new models that lock in growth. These will be led by digital technologies and a focus on content.

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