COVID-19: A perspective for Life Sciences
  • Adrian Griffiths, Partner |

"In my lifetime, I’ve never seen the extent of collaboration that’s happening within the life sciences industry."

COVID-19 has already had a huge impact on life sciences, with organisations working together on vaccine discovery and sharing manufacturing facilities.

In this video I  highlight four areas that could be part of the new reality for life sciences as we emerge from COVID-19: Virtual operations, More emphasis on national supply, Virtual drug discovery, and Enterprise risk management.

  1. Virtual operations: there has already been a spike in telemedicine, virtual healthcare response and interactions with healthcare professionals. The question will be the extent to which this becomes the new normality.
  2. More emphasis on national supply: governments are placing more emphasis on the national production and supply of drugs. That’s resulting in a rethink of the manufacturing and supply footprint.
  3. Virtual drug discovery: businesses are working at an unprecedented speed. The big question is how will this be maintained and what will it mean for regulation?
  4. Enterprise risk management: COVID-19 has led companies to reassess their approach

For further information and guidance on COVID-19, please refer to our dedicated insights resources area.