• Paula Smith, Partner |

"Banks are in a unique position."

In this video I provide my insight on the impact of COVID-19 on the banks – the main conduit for getting fiscal relief from the government to the wider economy.

Banks are under pressure to help get funding to where it’s needed. To achieve that, they’ve designed and built new processes, in just a matter of days. They’ve also had to cope with unprecedented volumes of customer interactions.

Speed is clearly of the essence.

While speed to market is essential, it’s also important to maintain a robust conduct and decision-making framework – and focus on good outcomes for the customer and the economy. Decisions made now will have a far-reaching impact.

The emphasis on moving towards a more digital environment will increase.

In the future, commercial, financial and operational resilience will be centre stage for both the banks and the regulators. There will also be an even greater emphasis on moving to a more digital banking environment. 

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