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Finance & Accounting Recruitment

Finance & Accounting Recruitment

Recruitment and retention of highly skilled employees is one of the key elements of successful business

Recruitment of highly skilled employees is one of the key elements of successful business

Recruitment and retention of highly skilled employees is one of the key elements of successful business. Especially, if the employee performs financial or accounting functions, whose effectiveness is the key to successful management activities for any company, regardless of industry and type of activity.

Therefore, the change of the chief accountant/financial director, handover and the transition period are always turbulent times for both management and business as a whole.

KPMG team of professionals with long-term experience and relevant professional certification knows exactly how to help any business overcome the complexities and risks of financial staff changes, including:

  1. Risk of untimely search for a specialist given that accounting is an ongoing process and any delay in recruitment of a new specialist may have critical consequences for the company
  2. Risk of recruitment of a specialist who is unfit for the position

We can find, evaluate, and select the financial personnel for your company for different level positions and areas of expertise, such as:

  • Accountants for different accounting areas
  • Chief accountants and their deputies
  • Tax managers and consultants, internal auditors
  • Financial managers, controllers, directors
  • Heads of financial services and other top management


  1. Only accounting and tax accounting professionals can qualitatively assess the professional competencies of potential candidates for the company’s financial and accounting functions
  2.  Availability of expert technologies and multi-stage testing of candidates for the purpose of determining the level of competence in the field of accounting, tax legislation, international accounting standards, management accounting and financial management
  3. Our flexible and client tailored approach takes into account the industry and business specifics, which makes it possible to unmistakably determine the profile, key requirements and necessary knowledge of the candidate based on “best practices” in financial management
  4. Our experts’ successful recruitment experience accumulated for decades, taking into account the analysis of psychological criteria for the profile and potential candidates requirements for “soft skills”, allows us to meet expectations of the most demanding top management
  5. Being the industry leader in the field of audit and tax advice we have an unprecedented internal base of CVs and recommendations (references) of the candidates, which allows us to fill a hot vacancy in a quality and prompt manner
  6. Individual selection of search technology, which is based on the vision and understanding of strategic goals of the client

Our advantages:

  1. We help accurately determine the level of knowledge and the availability of required competencies of the candidate tailored to your business
  2. We guarantee the proposed candidates quality and provide an additional guarantee for the replacement of the candidate if he/she fails to pass their probationary period
  3. We understand your complexities in the event of change of chief accountant, especially if handover to a new specialist is not done properly. Therefore, the recruitment project cost includes the consulting support of the recruited specialist by our professionals: 5 hours of verbal consultation enabling to establish processes as soon as possible.



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