International structuring and other issues

International structuring and other issues

For Ukrainian business owners and individuals who want to structure effectively their business abroad.

For Ukrainian business owners seeking to hold an IPO

We will make a comparative analysis of foreign jurisdictions in terms of different factors for choosing the jurisdiction to do business, taking into account the BEPS latest tendencies (action plan to combat tax base erosion and tax evasion), and CFC (tax rules for controlled foreign companies)

We will offer the best option for structuring business through foreign jurisdictions. Determine the tax residence of an individual for the purposes of declaration and tax payment.

We will make requests for individual tax consultations on various aspects of practical application of tax laws of Ukraine in the international tax area.


  • Ukrainian business owners seeking to hold an IPO;
  • persons willing to effectively structure their business through foreign companies (IT, trade, asset protection, etc.);
  • individuals and legal entities that have any questions regarding the taxation of foreign income.

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