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Comprehensive market research is essential if:

  • You plan to enter a new market.
  • You are consider an M&A deal.
  • You are seek third-party financing.
  • You are consider other investments.

How we can help

We provide objective and credible data on the market in question based on official information from publicly available sources, expert opinions, and the internal KPMG database.

Our services

  • We provide a general overview of the market in question. We assess growth and development opportunities, major trends, and entry barriers.
  • We segment consumers and analyze their characteristics and preferences.
  • We examine the political environmental and legal framework and also determine the scale of corruption/fraudulent activity in the area.
  • We describe a specific environment and analyze the activity of its major players.
  • We carry out a comparative analysis of any indicator, such as price, interest rates, product line, etc.

What you get

  • An understanding of how the market works and where it is going.
  • An investment opinion based on a complete set of information.

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