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Implementing means for employees to self-report any issues can be a cost-effective way of lessening the impact of fraud on your business operations. A properly implemented hotline and a well-educated workforce means that your company can be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to matters regulatory and legal violations, saving you from fighting fires in the long term.

Setting up a fraud reporting system can be a delicate matter. Employees should feel secure and be able to trust that their whistle-blowing efforts will not have negative repercussions. Furthermore, companies should be able to depend on the system they choose to implement functioning adequately and efficiently. This is where KPMG’s expertise and experience can be vital.

Our services

What we do

  • KPMG develops instructions that govern how the Hotline operates as a whole. We then develop detailed instructions on how to properly receive a call and conduct an interview so that the informant is comfortable and able to provide as much related information as possible.
  • We implement the Hotline as a part of our client’s business processes, aligning the means of contact with other compliance practices and the company’s current document approval process. KPMG assists in resolving any technical issues and launching an appropriate PR campaign. We also develop internal promotional campaigns with video-messages from top members of management to spread awareness throughout your organisation.
  • We develop marketing programmes to ensure your employees, business partners, and the wider community all know about the Hotline. We then conduct training sessions, prepare training completion certificates, and handle email marketing activities.
  • We provide a feedback system: upon request, KPMG will issue a full report to the ethics committee/other authorised management body regarding our investigation results. We also contribute regular reports on the operation of the Hotline to all involved parties.

What you get

  • The probability of uncovering potential violations is significantly increased.
  • Your employees can share their concerns anonymously without fear of possible reprisals.
  • Your firm’s reputation for being a socially responsible company is considerably strengthened.


  • We take care of the Hotline’s daily operation; receiving and categorising incoming calls before sending the most relevant communication for further investigation. We provide regular reports on incoming call statistics.
  • If an informant reports a serious violation, we conduct an interview and examine the evidence. To the extent that misconduct is confirmed, we investigate the circumstances of the violation and provide a report containing our investigation results.

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