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Information stored on electronic devices can tip the scales in one’s favor during an investigation or litigation. Such information is contained in emails, documents, and databases. If this information is linked to fraudulent activity the offender will try to hide or delete it.

How we can help

We collect and analyse electronic evidence and ensure its safety during transportation and handling.

Our forensic IT services

What we do

  • In the event that necessary information is stored on paper, we convert it into a convenient digital format.
  • We retrieve data from hard disks.
  • We create a back-up copy, sealed and kept in a separate physical source. This copy is not subject to analysis and can be used to verify the initial data received.
  • We identify the intentional deletion of data and restore it for a review.
  • We uncover deviations and suspicious transactions in databases.
  • We establish connections among suspicious parties and analyse electronic correspondence.
  • We analyse user activity, web-browsers, and messengers’ history as well as installed programs.

What you get

  • Preservation of electronic data for further examination
  • Recovered deleted documents, which may contain evidence of violations
  • Full analysis of the data retrieved from electronic media.

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