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KPMG’s Global IFRS Institute

KPMG’s Global IFRS Institute

KPMG's insights on the international financial reporting standards and related matters.

KPMG's insights on the international financial reporting standards and related matters.

A guide through the changing financial reporting framework

KPMG's Global IFRS Institute provides information and resources to help Board and Audit Committee members, executives, management, stakeholders and government representatives gain insight and access thought leadership about the evolving global financial reporting framework.

Independent financial statement audits enhance the reliability of the information provided by companies to investors, creditors and other stakeholders in accordance with statutory requirements. A KPMG Audit provides both independent assurance and insight that goes beyond the audit opinion.

Our risk-oriented audit approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of the business activities of our clients, of the resultant business risks, and their implications for the annual financial statements and the management report. This approach includes an assessment of the internal controlling system. We provide the management and supervisory body of the company with an extensive report on the findings of our audit.

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KPMG IFRS Newsletter: Financial Instruments publication image: windsurfer jumping a wave

IFRS Newsletter: Financial Instruments

Issue 27 – Classifying derivatives on own equity.

KPMG IFRS | Article image for ESMA enforcement priorities 2015 | Aerial view of monument in Paternoster Square, London

ESMA – Improving disclosures

Regulator states key principles for improving disclosures in financial statements

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IFRS toolkit

KPMG’s insights on applying IFRS.