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Product Development Center

Product Development Center

Product Development Center

12 Week Approach

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We intend to work under the following principle: 2 weeks for prototype (mock-up) and 10 weeks for MVP (minimum viable product) development.

KPMG Product Development Center (PDC) has been developed with purpose to assist our clients to prepare and design strategic technologies to force driving business processes. The right technology solutions, implemented, managed and monitored properly, can lead to significant gains in business growth.

We collaborate with clients to analyze technology issues within their businesses and to assist with the
following areas:      

  • Software development: we identify which areas of the business can be improved through implementation of technological upgrade and/or through software design according to the specific needs of our client.
  • Customization of existing systems: 1С, SAP, ERP, accounting and reporting systems, CRM and HR systems, etc. We develop add-ons for these systems to increase operational effectiveness of a company. 
  • Implementation of existing systems: we integrate our products for optimization of business processes, i.e. KPMG S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting tool; KPMG HR predictor (HR management system); KPMG Knowledge Cloud (knowledge management system), etc.
  • Design of iOS and Android mobile apps

Our task is to help KPMG and our clients transform by using new technology, bring added value to business and practical value to every end user.


  • We use modern technological stack and architecture working on our projects. PDC is flexible in adjusting new technologies taking into account the real needs of our clients.
  • We understand specifics of Ukrainian business, having considerable expertise in the development and optimization of business processes, as well as tax, accounting, etc.    
  • We proactively react to the needs of our clients. Thus, we reduce time for analysis of business needs in technological update.

At KPMG, we focus on the business impact of technology rather than systems implementation. As a result, ouradvice is independent and geared to the specific needs of each client.

We offer:

  • Strong team of experienced professionals, equipped with solid business skills as well as in-depth sector knowledge and IT-developers, who are capable to feel the client's needs and, through joint efforts, turn them into innovative effective solutions.
  • Strategic alliance with Microsoft, which combines advanced technologies and deep industry insights to transform businesses in the prior areas.
  • Combined resources of one of the world's leading business advisory networks.

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