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Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

KPMG Strategy Consulting Group takes an enterprise-wide approach to business transformation helping companies connect strategy with execution.

KPMG takes an enterprise-wide approach to help companies connect strategy with execution.

The main objective of the KPMG Strategy group is to increase business value and to help shareholders and executives to solve key challenges.

We take a pragmatic approach in our work, and thanks to our team's extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, including of specific economic sectors, and to the presence on it of both Ukrainian and international professionals, we are able to suggest a variety of solutions specifically appropriate to you.

In addition, people working on our strategic consulting engagements include not only business consultants but also specialist professionals (lawyers and financial and tax advisors) and technical experts (engineers), enabling us to offer clients practical recommendations and implement them.

The Strategy Group at KPMG in Ukraine specializes in working with companies in financial and consumer markets, industrial markets and infrastructure construction, and works on both Ukrainian and international engagements.

How KPMG can help

  1. Helping clients to meet challenges connected with changes in market conditions and with external factors: as part of this area of our services, we help clients to formulate a development strategy that fits their goals, to analyse and intelligently plan their entry into new markets, and to resolve various issues relating to commercial policies, pricing and distribution.
  2. Assisting company boards of directors and senior executives in strategic decision-making:KPMG professionals will help company boards of directors and senior executives to develop a system of management reporting and key performance indicators (KPI), making it possible to control strategy implementation and to make necessary management decisions promptly, on the basis of only the most material factors.
  3. Development of recommendations on reducing costs and improving business effectiveness: to meet the challenges involved in increasing business effectiveness and to align performance with strategy, we help clients to develop cost control systems, to optimise their headcount and organisational structure, to identify the most effective ways of reducing costs in the long term, and to improve their system of governance.

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