Venture Pulse: Q4’18 Global analysis of venture funding

Venture Pulse: Q4’18 Global analysis of venture funding

Quarterly global report on VC trends published by KPMG Enterprise.

Quarterly global report on VC trends published by KPMG Enterprise.

KPMG Enterprise’s Global Network for Innovative Startups launched the Q4’18 edition of the Venture Pulse Report. The report analyses the latest global trends in venture capital investment data and provides insights from both a global and regional perspective. This edition of the quarterly series provides in-depth analysis on venture capital investments across North America, EMA and ASPAC and will cover a range of issues such as financing and deal sizes, unicorns, industry highlights and corporate investment.

The final quarter of 2018 saw nearly US$64 billion* in VC investment globally, led by a $12.8 billion funding round to US-based e-cigarette manufacturer Juul. The VC deal, second only to the $14 billion raised by China’s Ant Financial in Q2’18, helped propel annual VC investment globally from $175 billion in 2017 to a massive $255 billion in 2018.

While every region identified in the report —the US, Americas, Asia and Europe — saw a record high level of annual VC investment during 2018, the total number of VC deals globally declined to a 6 year low of 15,299 deals during the year, compared to 17,314 in 2017 and a peak high of 20,172 in 2015. The drop in quarterly deal volume was even more stark, with the 3,048 deals seen in Q4’18 the lowest number in 25 quarters since Q3’12.

In this quarter’s edition of the Venture Pulse Report, we examine both annual and quarterly VC market results, and explore a variety of global and regional trends, including:

  • An increase in the number of unicorn births
  • The ongoing breadth of transportation investments
  • The increasing opportunities in emerging markets, including Latin America
  • The growth of AI investment in all regions of the world.


See full report for details.

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