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Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2018

Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2018

Tides and trends driving the world’s infrastructure markets.


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Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2018

A recent survey by KPMG International identifies the main trends which are bringing both challenges and opportunities for infrastructure projects this year.

The report expresses caution that the current controversial political situation may result in a situation where promising projects are hindered by political and social uncertainty. However, the outlook for the sector is not decisively negative: the survey also highlights great potential that can be realised despite the possible barriers.

This year's report identifies and explores 10 trends:

  • The clash of competing forces
  • Infrastructure planners are starting to think about flexibility
  • Sustainability − in all its forms − rises up the agenda
  • The pace of development is under the microscope
  • Security is becoming critical
  • Traditional roles are becoming less clear
  • Creating alignment between payers, financiers and beneficiaries
  • Pricing models are maturing
  • The benefits of sharing data are becoming more evident
  • Alternative asset classes are disappearing

You can read the survey in English at this link below.

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