Kateryna Safronenko

Kateryna Safronenko

Associate Director, Consulting, Forensic

KPMG in Ukraine

More than 9 years of experience in business compliance matters.

Kateryna joined KPMG in 2015. In 2018 Kateryna worked at KPMG London. Overall Kateryna’s experience, in particular, in business compliance matters constitutes more than 9 years.

Kateryna's experience in compliance includes assessment of anti-corruption controls in accordance with FCPA requirements as part of contemplated M&A transaction, and in the course of the third party audit. Risk assesment included testing of high risk transactions, interviews with key employees, development of recommendations of internal control weaknesses mitigation. Kateryna conducted a pre-investment due diligence of  companies due to potential purchase. Kateryna's experience in compliance includes analysis of transparency and corruption risks of existing processes and procedures on prevention and combatting corruption risks, conduction of numerous interviews with senior management, procurement, anti-corruption and other supporting specialists of the company.

Kateryna has a vast experience in the corporate intelligence consulting. She supervised numerous compliance screening and integrity due diligence projects for international businesses related to identifying third-party risks, affiliation to politically exposed persons, involvement in illegal and ethically questionable activities, and standing with regulatory/law enforcement authorities, including evidence of historical, ongoing, or envisaged scrutiny.

In the course of the projects Kateryna conducted investigations of conflicts of interest and financial analysis of the losses, including testing of selected transactions, interviews with key employees, analysis of internal control weaknesses and development of recommendations, aimed at mitigation/elimination of gaps/risks.

Education and qualifications
  • Master’s Degree in Law, Kyiv National Linguistic University

  • ICA Advanced Certificate in Business Compliance, International Compliance Association (2020)