Larysa Antoshchuk

Larysa Antoshchuk

Senior Manager, Head of the Tax Dispute Resolution Group

KPMG in Ukraine

Larysa is a licensed Attorney-at-Law with more than 10 years of experience in litigating and advisory for the international and Ukrainian companies.

Her extensive and successful experience includes representation of KPMG clients’ in disputes settling on various types of the tax issues during the pre-trial and trial stages, as well as representation in local courts of all instances and the European Court of Human Rights.

Larysa has participated in a number of projects for providing tax dispute settlement for clients from various industries, including media, IT, industrial machinery and pharmacy.

During her long-lasting career, Larysa Antoshchuk has worked with a considerable number of international and high-profile domestic clients. She has a unique multidisciplinary advisory experience in tax issues and different areas of law: customs, currency, commercial, labor, etc.

Larysa has completed a wide range of projects on VAT recovery and refunding of the overpaid corporate income tax to the clients’ bank accounts, enforcement of the double tax treaties provisions and substantiation of the transactions as real. She also has an experience in recognition of Ukrainian tax law provisions in the court as inconsistent with the non-discrimination fundamentals to non-residents as they are stipulated.

Larysa proposes an innovative strategy of complex analysis of law and its application in tax and legal services in order to achieve the best commercial results for the clients.

For the last 5 years Larysa has been involved in development of tax advisory institution and legislative drafting activities. She is a member of Public Council of the Parliament of Ukraine on the Committee for tax and customs issues.

The key areas of Larysa’s focus are assistance during the tax audit, tax authorities’ requests, settlement of tax disputes during the pre-trial and trial stages, tax advisory and tax planning.

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