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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

The key notions in our approach to people are diversity and inclusion.

The key notions in our approach to people are diversity and inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion


The term 'diversity' describes the demographic mix of people in the firm and covers the following aspects:

  • Race, national or ethnic origin
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Disability

Diversity in the workplace is about embracing individual differences and creating a culture of inclusion which benefits both individuals and the organization.
Inclusion is about creating a culture in which diversity is understood, respected, encouraged, valued and leveraged, in ways that ensure that talented people thrive, and our clients and our reputation both benefit.
Our vision is to make KPMG a place recognized for this culture of inclusion, allowing our people to bring their whole selves to work.

Why KPMG chooses to be a diversity confident organization

We choose to be a diverse and diversity confident organization because it is critical to our business: diversity enables us to better understand the global business environment, develop creative solutions for our firms' clients, identify business opportunities and win new clients. Importantly, if all of our people feel comfortable and are included at work, they simply work better. For the same reason, by being open to diversity, KPMG will attract and retain talented people from all areas of society.

Business case for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Ensure we continue to recruit talented people, by opening up new pools of talent, to make us an attractive employer of choice
  • Encourage creativity and innovation, through enabling people with different perspectives and from different backgrounds to work together effectively
  • Reflect the demographic makeup of our society, to show we are a fair access firm
  • Help to differentiate us and build a competitive edge
  • Help control costs associated with turnover, litigation and absenteeism
  • Help us understand our people better, which in turn will motivate and retain them

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