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TaxNewsFlash-BEPS — KPMG‘s reports of developments of interest to multinationals on the OECD’s BEPS initiative and tax transparency.


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September 2016

9/17 -  Russia: Country-by-country reporting requirements, transfer pricing documentation

9/16 - Comments, interest from banking and insurance under BEPS Action 4 

9/13 - United States: EC state aid investigations show need for tax reform 

9/9 -  UK: Public country-by-country reporting, amendment to Finance Bill 2016 

9/8 -  BEPSNew Zealand: Proposal, implementing BEPS Action 2 hybrid mismatch recommendations

9/8 - Comments on profit splits, profits attributed to permanent establishments 

9/7 -  OECD: Status report on BEPS, CRS for G20 leaders

9/2 - Brazil: Automatic exchange of country-by-country reports

August 2016

8/30 - Ireland: EC state aid investigation, “illegal tax benefits” to multinational company of €13 billion

8/25 - U.S. Treasury, EC’s state aid investigations of transfer pricing rulings

8/24 - OECD: Comments on proposed amendments, OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines

8/22 - Liechtenstein: Automatic exchanges of CRS, country-by-country reporting

8/22 - OECD: Discussion draft, branch mismatch structures under BEPS Action 2

8/19 - Czech Republic: Automatic exchange of APAs, country-by-country reporting proposals

8/17 -Country-by-country reporting, transfer pricing documentation in budget plan

8/11 - Nigeria: Country-by-country reporting, implementation moves forward

8/9 - Canada: Discussion, observations about country-by-country reporting proposal

8/8 - Asia Pacific: Country-by-country reporting, status update for region

8/5 -  Australia: Review of transfer pricing developments since 2012; plans for more changes

8/5 - Luxembourg: Automatic exchange of country-by-country reports among EU Member States

8/4 - Canada: Country-by-country reporting requirements in draft legislative proposals

8/3 - Country-by-country reporting

8/2 - KPMG report: BEPS involving interest in banking and insurance sectors

8/1 - KPMG report: Indirect tax implications of BEPS project

8/1 - Korea: Revised legislation, transfer pricing and country-by-country reporting

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