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Social Enterprise Service

Social Enterprise Service

Our vision is be the thought leader of social enterprise industry and leverage resources to complete eco-system of social enterprise in Taiwan

Our vision is be the thought leader of social enterprise industry...

The development trend of social enterprise in international and Taiwan

Development of social enterprises in the world has become a trend. Social enterprises have proved to be a kind of social innovation, and effectively solve social or environmental problems via the sustainable business model. The major purpose of social enterprise is to pursuit public interest and solve the social problem. It doesn’t rely on the government’s grant or the donation from private sector. Social enterprises will archive a kind of self-liquidating business through the effective management. The development of social enterprise in Taiwan is still on the early stage, but it getting wide attention so far. Create a suitable social business development environment requires public, enterprises, CSOs and government to work together. Thus can encourage social enterprise to make the continue innovation and steadily growing.


The introduction of Social Enterprise service, KPMG Taiwan to implement the CSR of KPMG Taiwan, we long-term concern the development of social enterprise in Taiwan. Not only leverage our professional experience in audit, finance, tax and advisory service, but also involve the professional consulting and incubation program via connecting our clients’ network. It can create more business opportunities to carry out the cooperation between social enterprises, profit-organizations and potential investors.


The year 2014 is “the first year of social enterprise” of Taiwan. KPMG Taiwan formed the “Social Enterprise Service” team and wins the bid of government project of Social Enterprise from the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). This project is committed to implement the four strategic direction, which are deregulation, network building, financing support and incubation program. It also provide the counselling service of finance/accounting, business model and sales marketing via concatenating the mentor networks in north, middle and south side of Taiwan. Furthermore, KPMG Social Enterprise team support the government and CSO to build up the social enterprise registration platform and wish to building up the better eco-system for the development of social enterprise. By the middle of 2015, a total of dozens of social enterprises receive counseling from KPMG Social Enterprise Service. We wish to expand our service scope and building the solid branding of partnership between social enterprises


Services for Social Enterprise

  • Vision, strategy and policy development
  • Business model formulation and practice
  • Finance, risk and opportunity assessment
  • Product & Service evaluation and Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • Fund Raising support and consulting
  • Social Impact Report / Benefit Report consulting

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