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Taxes and Incentives for renewable energy

Taxes and Incentives for renewable energy

KPMG's Taxes and Incentives for Renewable Energy—2015 is designed to help energy companies, investors and other entities stay current with local country policies and programs supporting renewable energy around the world.


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Taxes and Incentives for renewable energy

The past year has seen a number of remarkable milestones and developments related to renewable energy:


  • Global investments in renewable energy increased 17 percent, the firstincrease since 2011.1
  •  Renewable energy accountedfor 48 percent of new generatingcapacity installed globally.
  •  Renewable energy provided 9.1 percent of global electricitygeneration.2
  •  Developing economies almostmatched developed economies inrenewable energy investments.
  •  Solar in China and Japan and offshore wind in Europe received recordfinancing.

The continued growth in renewables has been driven by several factors. First of all, we see a continued awareness worldwide that renewable energy plays a key role in helping to mitigate the rise in greenhouse gas emissions. According to recent estimates, renewable energy generation accounted for an avoidance of 1.3 gigatonnes of emissions in 2014.

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