Private Equity

Private Equity

KPMG’s Private Equity Group is one of the market leaders offering a coordinated approach.

KPMG’s Private Equity Group is one of the market leaders offering a coordinated approach.

These are interesting times for Private Equity (PE) Houses. Fundraising has become a matter of demonstrable management skills and added value above and beyond historical returns.

KPMG’s Private Equity Group is one of the market leaders offering a coordinated approach, which helps both our middle market and leveraged buy-out (LBO) member firms’ clients with their strategic, deal and portfolio management issues.


How we can help?

We are a multi-disciplinary group providing coordinated services to the Private Equity (PE) industry. We recognize that Private Equity is not just about the transaction. Rather, it is about a continuous cycle of fundraising, selected investment, portfolio management and successful realization. Therefore, we support our clients at each stage to help them make the right decisions and to add value.

In today's market, the ability to build value and manage performance from existing assets is key to PE Houses. PE Houses are likely to need a wider range of skills at their disposal than just the ability to do deals. Therefore, the services our clients traditionally expect from us have broadened beyond the deal and taken on a longer-term context. KPMG is now taking one of the leading positions in offering a combined approach to helping you with your strategic, deal and portfolio management issues


Our service:

  • Fundraising
    • Fund structuring advice
    • Audit of PE houses
    • Regulatory audit
  • Helping realize value
    • Disposal advisory
    • Tax planning
    • Personal tax advice
    • Vendor due diligence
    • IPO assistance
    • Debt advisory
  • Investments and Deals
    • Deal origination
    • Debt advisory
    • Institutional buy-out advisory
    • Deal structuring
    • Pre-bid evaluation
    • Transaction evaluation
    1. Commercial due diligence
    2. Financial due diligence
  • Portfolio Management
    • Acquisition advice - identification and deal assistance
    • Portfolio analysis & valuation
    • Business valuation pre-exit
    • Restructuring
    • Refinancing
    • Tax planning and compliance
    • Audit

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