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Yoshing Tsang

Senior Counsel

KPMG in Taiwan

Yoshing specializes in recovery plan, compliance risk assessment, anti-money laundering, and legal compliance for overseas branch establishment.

Yoshing is also experienced in risk-based audit methodology and financial regulation of US derivatives products.

Yoshing has extensive experience in international regulation compliance for the Central Counter Party(Taiwan Stock Exchange), such as QCCP application and the IOSCO’s requirements of 24 Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures. Yoshing represented TWSE in numerous international CCP12 and CCP Asia Pacific conferences. She initiated operational or regulatory plans, including the account operator model for third party clearing, the ceiling of loss sharing mechanism of market participants, stress testing and margin system, delisting mechanism, and cross-border trading and settlement mechanism.

Yoshing wrote her PhD dissertation on the fiduciary duty of controlling shareholders in the US law. She published numerous papers dealing with corporate governance on legal journals, including one TSSCI journal.

Yoshing is experienced in reviewing listing applications. She conducted regular financial audits on domestic listed companies. She also has experiences in oversea ADR, ECB, and M&A while working in investment bank.


Key Areas of Experience

  • Legal Compliance of Financial Regulation
  • Internal Audit
  • Regulation Compliance for Clearing Institution
  • Corporate Governance and Legal Compliance
  • Domestic/International IPO and financial audit



  • Exploring the American Legal Doctrine of the Controlling Shareholder’s Fiduciary Duty and Its Implications for Controlling Shareholders’ Abuse of Power in Taiwan, ChengChi Law Review(SSCI Journal), 2012.12.
  • Introduction of trading and clearing system in the Singapore market after the launching of TWSE-SGX link, Securities Services Review, 2016.08.
  • An analysis on the feasibility of implementing Account Operator System and the Third Party Clearing, Securities Services Review, 2015.03.
  • Recent development of international compliance for central clearing institutions (Basel III, EMIR, Dodd Frank Act) and the shortening of settlement cycle, Securities Services Review, 2013.08.
  • Research on establishing recovery and resolution mechanisms for CCPs, Securities Services Review, 2012.12.
  • CPSS-IOSCO’s Financial Market Infrastructures Principles- Assessment Methodology and Disclosure Framework—A report of attending CCP12 London Meeting, Securities Services Review, 2012.11.
  • A research on additional margin requirement in HKE’s risk management reform, Securities Services Review, 2012.02.
  • Shareholders’ suits on civil procedures on the illegal cases of listed foreign companies, Securities Services Review, 2011.05.
  • The role of law on transitional economy-focusing on China’s non-tradable share reform, with Wen Yu Wang, published by Law Press, China, 222-243.2010.08.
  • The future direction of Mainland China and Taiwan’s corporate governance from the angle of solving agency problem, Journal of New Perspectives on Law, 23, 67-113, 2008.10.
  • Does formal equality represent true fairness? Discussion on appraisal rights in Carle public offer on Taco’s shareholders, Financial and Economic Law Review, 13, 135-169, 2008.06.
  • Discussion on allocating burden of proof on accountants’ fault liability according to the newly added Article 20-1 of Securities and Exchange Act., Securities and Futures Monthly, published by Securities and Futures Bureau, 24(2),20-32, 2006.02.
Yoshing Tsang

Education and qualifications

  • PhD in Law, Tsing Hwa University, Bejing

  • MA, International Political Economy, London School of Economics (LSE)

  • BA, Economics, National Taiwan University, Taipei

Country Experience

  • USA

  • Taiwan

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