KPMG Volunteer Team

KPMG Volunteer Team

More than a thousand volunteers has joined KPMG Volunteer Team, and reached out to over 3,000 individuals in need.

More than a thousand volunteers has joined KPMG Volunteer Team...


Starting July 2007, KPMG has set up its own volunteer team, and prior providing any services, all volunteers must complete the training program (a total of five hours). Today, more than a thousand volunteers has joined, and reached out to over 4,000 individuals in need.



KPMG Partner, KPMG staff including their families and friends, KPMG alumni, NTU, NCKU and TKU Accounting major.



We visit nursing homes, sanitariums, veteran retirement homes, or elderly living alone to celebrate Chinese New Year or Moon Festival with them.



We visit Children’s Homes and orphanages to interact with them or take them on field trips.


Physically Challenged

We hold birthday parties and group activities at organizations for the physically and mentally challenged. We also encourage them to experience the outside world by taking them out to nearby zoos or science museums.


KPMG International Volunteer Team

To expand the scope of KPMG Volunteer Team’s services, KPMG partnered with Eden Social Welfare Foundation in 2011 to serve drug addicts and orphans in Chiang Rai, Thailand, marking the firm’s first ever international volunteer campaign. Team members helped create a better living environment for the locals and fostered language and cultural exchanges. 


KPMG Local Volunteer Camp

KPMG in Taiwan held its first ever Local Volunteer Camp in Hualian County in October, 2012. Volunteers utilized their expertise in various fields to help locals set up websites to promote local specialty products and promote moral lessons to local children through a series of group activities, dramas, and presentations. Witnessing the increasing need for help among locals, we consecutively held the 2nd  and 3rd Volunteer Camp in July 2013 and October 2014. Adding to the existing volunteer services, we provided massage services to the elderly and held a two-day Children’s Summer Camp to encourage local children to pursue a brighter future. 

KPMG Volunteer Team

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