KPMG Charity Actions

KPMG Charity Actions

We are committed to our communities, KPMG in Taiwan help less fortunate people and our community.

We are committed to our communities...

Based on one of our core values, namely that “We are committed to our communities ”, KPMG in Taiwan, as a responsible corporate citizen has established KPMG Volunteer in order to play an important role in helping less fortunate people and our community.


KPMG Charity Month

KPMG in Taiwan kicked off the computer donation campaign in 2006 and began to invite clients to join the event in 2007. We have successfully invite 54 clients to donate together with us, up to a total of 3,264 refurbished computers and ,1024 tablets to 287 social welfare organizations.

Furthermore, knowing that schoolchildren in remote areas are in desperate need of supplies, KPMG in Taiwan began to encourage KPMG staff to donate to the children in remote areas. KPMG in Taiwan has granted Christmas wishes for 7,677 children across 106 elementary schools since 2008.


KPMG Volunteer Team

Starting July 2007, KPMG has set up its own volunteer team, and prior providing any services, all volunteers need to the team must complete the training program (a total of five hours). Today, more than a thousand volunteers has joined, and reached out to over 4,000 individuals in need.

KPMG in Taiwan held Local Volunteer Camp in Hualian County for three consecutive years since 2012. Volunteers utilized their expertise in various fields to help locals set up websites to promote local specialty products, provided massage services to the elderly and promote moral lessons to local children through a series of group activities, dramas, and presentations.

To expand the scope of KPMG Volunteer Team’s services, KPMG partnered with Eden Social Welfare Foundation in 2011 to serve drug addicts and orphans in Chiang Rai, Thailand, marking the firm’s first ever international volunteer campaign. Team members helped create a better living environment for the locals and fostered language and cultural exchanges.


KPMG Scholarship Award

Starting 2006, KPMG in Taiwan has held scholarship programs in benefiting 623 accounting-major students. We hope to utilize these scholarships to encourage truly outstanding individuals while alleviating financial concerns for students in need.


KPMG Corporate Day

To promote the idea of volunteering, KPMG in Taiwan pioneered the “KPMG Corporate Day” in 2008, encouraging all KPMG staff to share the volunteering spirit.The annual KPMG Corporate Day takes place in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung and has accumulated over 100,000 hours of service, serving more than 20,000 underprivileged individuals.


KPMG Charity Platform and Charity Bazaar

To encourage KPMG staff to exchange used items as well as order products made by social welfare organizations, KPMG in Taiwan created an online platform for fundraising.

To allocate more resources, KPMG in Taiwan partnered with Taipei 101 to put together the Love Market, began in 2013 for four consecutive years, extending invitations to fellow Taipei 101 tenants, enterprises nearby, and local residents to show support for this good cause. The heavy dose of media exposure led to impressive sales numbers, generating millions of dollars for various social welfare organizations.

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