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Smart technology

Smart technology

Your business probably isn't as smart as it needs to be



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Robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are already redefining the industry, with platform companies pioneering the use of these smart technologies.

Traditional retailers and manufacturers need to catch up or risk becoming uncompetitive. Dr Thomas Erwin, Global Head of KPMG Lighthouse Center of Excellence for Intelligent Automation and Data & Analytics, says that companies need to learn to work with these technologies – especially AI – and recognize the cultural challenges ahead.

These relatively young technologies are changing so fast that companies also need to keep their options open. In 10-15 years’ time, AI could be making most of the operational decisions in a business. The task of making your company exponentially smarter starts here and now.

Adoption of emerging technologies

Chart: adoption of emerging technologies

Source: 2018 Top of Mind Survey

No normal is the new normal
Make disruption work for your business
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