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A deeper look at Execution

Great execution means paying attention to the small details, conducting continuous monitoring of the consistency of delivery and using customer feedback to drive continuous improvement.

Insight on the customer and employee experience comes from many sources. For leading firms, outstanding execution comes from properly managing their insight ecosystem. This means that:

  • All aspects of the organization are connected around the customer
  • The target operating model is aligned to customer needs and journeys
  • Any siloes impacting the customer are removed
  • Customers are connected to the organization through continuous dialogue which leads to customer intimacy
  • Decisions are powered and informed by the voice of the customer programs
  • Diagnostic frameworks are developed to continually monitor execution

It also requires careful deployment of new technologies, often in a test and learn environment. The technologies of tomorrow will very quickly become everyday steady state. How customers react, utilize and co-create use cases is a vital source of information for future-focused organizations.

In this environment, access to real-time, curated feedback has never been more important.

New technologies are transforming every aspect of the customer experience. But with the pace of new technology introductions, firms are having to make clear choices about which they pursue and prioritize.

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