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A deeper look at Engagement

It is vital to ensure that the employee experience and the customer experience are aligned and connected.

Brands that deliver exceptional customer experiences tend to understand that employees need a flag to rally around; a sense that they are creating societal value over and above making money for shareholders. They also need to feel energized, motivated and engaged.

Leading organizations focus on creating an employee experience that enables the desired customer experience to naturally emerge through:

  • The alignment of culture and strategy
  • The integration of brand and internal values with a focus on authenticity
  • The creation of a strong link between the employee experience and the customer experience
  • The ability to unlock critical customer behaviors such as empathy and empowerment to act
  • The recruitment of staff whose personal values align with the organization and who are committed to serving the customer


Purpose is the unique, authentic and defining characteristic that sets the experiences employees and customers enjoy apart from all others.

They always go above and beyond from a service perspective and are a very consistent service provider when it comes to flights with minimal delays.

New Zealand CEE respondent, on Air New Zealand

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