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Leading Digital Transformation: Governance in the Boardroom

Two interactive sessions, jointly facilitated by KPMG, the Antwerp Management School and several industry experts.

6 September 2018, 9:00AM - 12:00PM, CET

Integrating the digital strategy and oversight role in the board’s corporate governance accountability.

In our increasingly digitized economy, digital assets have become fundamental to support, sustain and grow organizations. What we have seen is that, not only do successful organizations leverage the potential of digital innovation, they understand and manage the risks and constraints of digital technology. Previously, governing boards could delegate, ignore or avoid digital investment related decisions, but today, disruptive new technologies can no longer be neglected at board level. The latest research calls for dedicated board level engagement in governing an organization’s digital assets and, at the same time, identifies serious setbacks should the board not be involved.

Within this context, Antwerp Management School has established a research & educational program customized towards non-executive and executive board members. This initiative focuses on ‘the what, the why and the how’ of boards and their accountability in governing digital assets. The knowledge partners in this program are KPMG Belgium, Samsung Belgium, CEGEKA Belgium, the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School.



Two half-day workshop-format sessions focused on sharing and discussing the challenges of digital transformation strategies and oversight at board level. 

Target audience: Board members and members of executive committees.


Day 1: 6 September 2018

‘The what, the why and the how’ of digital strategy and oversight in the era of digital transformation


  • Understanding why - and why not - boards address digital strategy and oversight at board level;
  • Corporate governance codes and digital strategy & oversight;
  • Key governance practices (structures, processes) to implement digital strategy and oversight roles;
  • Benchmarking, best practices, self-assessment;
  • Key metrics and questions to be raised at board level on digital strategy & oversight.


Day 2: 13 September 2018

Part 1: Technology as a key driver of digital transformation


  • Understanding emerging technologies and their impact on new business & income models;
  • Articulating the role of technology in business strategy and operating models;
  • Ensuring that an organization makes the right investments in new and emerging technologies;
  • Focus on capitalizing and achieving the return and (financial) benefits of digital investments and related strategies.

Part 2: Addressing the risk and compliance challenge in digital transformation


  • A deep-dive into technology related business risks;
  • Understanding emerging regulatory requirements;
  • Ensuring that IT related risks are identified and addressed appropriately



Antwerp Management School campus
Sint-Jacobsmarkt 9-13
2000 Antwerp



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€2400 (excl. VAT).


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