Information Protection and Business Continuity

Information Protection and Business Continuity

KPMG helps companies for effective information security, protecting the datas from internal and external menace and providing business contunity.

KPMG helps firms for data security, keep datas from menaces, providing business contunity.

Effective and efficient information protection management aims at implementing appropriate controls to protect privacy, plentitude and availability of your critical informations. We assist companies to protect business processes, information assest, brand value and effectiveness and to make the most efficient use of their data.Your needs;

  • Prevention of loss of financial and effectiveness due to information security gaps.
  • Assessment of  control environment of current information protection and increasing organization-wide user awareness
  • Assessment of financial reporting and current controls of business processes.
  • Assessment of IT systems and organizing offers to improvement of IT control environment.
  • mprovement of current  policy/procedures and writing new policy/procedures.
  • Assessment of risk & vulnerability and identify current and potential risks that may affect your business process by analysing Business-Impact.
  • Establishment of Emergency Action, Business Continuity and Activity Recovery plans.

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