Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

KPMG’s ERM methodology helps companies to perform efficient risk management.

KPMG’s ERM methodology helps companies to perform efficient risk management.

Risk management should be embedded within the culture of the organization so that everyone is focused on managing and optimizing risk. Our enterprise risk management services include advice and assistance with regard to:

  • Implementation of a company-wide risk management system,
  • Risk management practices, such as risk quantification, set-up of organizations and processes and reporting system implementation,
  • Selection and implementation of risk management tools,
  • Co-sourcing for enterprise risk management,
  • Training awareness and education,
  • Quality review, analysis and benchmarking of an existing risk management system.

KPMG's Enterprise Risk Management Services (ERM) can help an organization implement a sustainable ERM program by conducting an enterprise risk assessment, assessing the current state of risk management practices, developing a practical road map to achieve the desired state of risk management, transferring knowledge and providing training to ultimately support a successful ERM initiative.


Implementing  and enhancing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can help organizations in the following areas:

  • Protect corporate brands and value proposition,
  • Improve risk information needed to support strategic decision making through the organization,
  • Meet stakeholder needs (e.g. regulatory compliance, more transparent communications, etc.)
  • Provide a useful strategic tool,
  • Embed risk and control awareness into decision making,
  • Prepare Board and management for surprises, (i.e. emerging risks) 
  • Improve accountability among all levels of management and Board, 
  • Rationalize the monitoring functions.

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