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Five new partners for KPMG Turkey

Five new partners for KPMG Turkey

KPMG Turkey that pioneered the transformation and change in the sector, continues to grow by expanding its range of services. Five new partners who are experts in their fields join Advisory department. Müşfik Cantekinler, one of the prominent names in the sector, will be Head of Advisory Department.


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International advisory, audit and tax firm KPMG Turkey continues its growth. Five new partners joined KPMG Turkey. Müşfik Cantekinler, one of the prominent names in the sector, will be Head of Advisory Department and Hande Şenova will be Deputy Head of Advisory in KPMG Turkey.

Emin Alper Karaçar, has been working in the public and private sectors for many years in the fields of finance and advisory, will take on the leadership both on technology consulting and public sector in KPMG Turkey.

Gökhan Kaçmaz, who provides advisory services in retail, consumer products, automotive, chemical sectors, mergers and acquisitions, valuation and financial modeling; Adnan Erem Germeyan, who has worked with many local and international clients in Big4, particularly in the field of corporate finance services; Oytun Önder, who has worked as a consultant in anti-fraud, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering in many countries particularly in Turkey, United States and Russia have joined KPMG Turkey as advisory partners.

New services

KPMG Turkey is preparing for the new financial year and stronger with the new partners and new services such as; mergers and acquisitions, technology transformation, technological solutions, technology consultancy consisting of digital and Emtech and cyber security services, debt and capital consulting, real estate transaction services and forensic consulting services.

‘Continue to attack’

Chairman of KPMG Turkey Murat Alsan emphasized that the company has increased its strength particularly in the mergers and acquisitions, technology transformation, technological solutions and in the digital fields with the new members of KPMG family who are experienced in their line of services. Alsan claimed; “Last year we have announced our merger with “Erdikler”, a company with an enviable reputation in tax market, as “1+1=3”. Now, we continue our growth strategy in Advisory”. Alsan stated that they took important steps to fulfill the tasks for Turkey’s mission for growth as a part of global structuring move which started last year at KPMG International. Alsan added; “Technology is reshaping all sectors, the rules of the game are changing and we are aiming to get stronger in every market that is being transformed by taking this wind of change behind us. The services we provide in our sector are very valuable and important. We respond to changing and transforming business needs by changing, growing and raising the bar higher each time. We are one step closer to our goals with our new partners”.

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