Moving to the Cloud – Key considerations for public sector decision makers

Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing is now a common model of delivering IT in the public sector. However there is a lack of awareness of the associated risks among senior decision makers. This report outlines the key risks – and highlights key issues to address when adopting cloud services.

Moving to the cloud

Cloud computing is an established and trusted model for the delivery of IT services in the public sector. Indeed, cloud should now be the default option considered by public sector buyers of IT products and services as stated I the Cabinet Office principle of ‘Cloud First’.

Nevertheless, there remains a lack of awareness of the nature (and associated risks) of cloud computing amongst senior decision makers. This can inhibit the adoption of cloud services, potentially jeopardizing future competitiveness.

This paper outlines the key features and risks of the various forms of cloud computing. It also provides decision makers with a set of key issues to address when considering the adoption of cloud services.

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