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Social Life in KPMG Turkey

Social Life in KPMG Turkey

KPMG Turkey creates perfect opportunities for its employees to get together outside of work, and share their interests.

KPMG Turkey creates perfect opportunities for its employees.

Being a “KPMG member” means having fun together, as well as working hard! We love being a team outside of work too, and practicing our hobbies together. Which is why we come together at KPMG Social Clubs. With our basketball, volleyball, running teams and our musical band, we make the best of being KPMG members!

Our KPMG Social Clubs:

  • KPMG Basketball Team: Our team, having played in the J Group against Deloitte, PwC, İş Yatırım and Merck Group in the Corporate Basketball League which started on 28 November 2015, continues to take the courts by storm!
  • KPMG Runners: Our Running team, KPMG Runners, participated in the 37. Istanbul Marathon to support the Turkish Spinal Cord Paralytics as part of the Adım Adım (Step-by-Step) Initiative, and helped raise 10,615.00 TL in charity. Our team, who continues to run in the Trabzon International Half Marathon and International Runatolia Marathon, also continues to train regularly.
  • KPMG Sound: KPMG’s beloved musical band, KPMG Sound, took the stage at the KPMG New Years Party held at the Zorlu Center Raffles Hotel, where all KPMG members came together to greet 2016! Click here for the story behind KPMG Sound’s foundation.
  • KPMG Volleyball Team: Our KPMG Volleyball Team will compete in the Beach Volleyball category as two separate teams in the Corporate Games, which will take place on 3-4-5 June 2016!