Career in the Consulting Department

Career in the Consulting Department

If you would like to build your career in KPMG Turkey's Advisory Department, make your application now!

If you would like to build your career in KPMG Turkey's Advisory Department, apply now!

Who are we?

We are one of the departments operating at KPMG Turkey under the advisory department, and where teamwork is most valued. While KPMG knows us as Corporate Finance, aka CF, our clients call us their financial advisors.

Our department founded within KPMG in the year 2007 with only 2 employees will become a team of 12 with our new friends who will be joining us. The Corporate Finance department has grown rapidly since the day it was established, reaching a significant position within its business area. With new goals and accomplishments, it will continue to grow in the following years as well.

Our employee profile predominantly consists graduates of departments of Industrial Engineering, Finance, and Business.

What Do We Do as Corporate Finance?

Our team has vast experience in the areas concerning mainly determining purchase prices in purchasing transactions, intra-group reorganization, disagreements, litigations, assessment services for conducting impairment tests, and determining share prices.

Where Do We Work, and with Whom?

We work together with a successful team where interpersonal communication is excellent and team members completely fulfill their responsibilities against one another. We conduct our projects mainly in our office where we would like to hold solution-oriented, important meetings with our clients. Our most important goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and for our project members to achieve a great success at the end of the project.

Who are Our Clients?

Our client portfolio consists of leading domestic and foreign companies within the industries of finance, manufacturing, media, telecommunication, energy, cement, and retail.

Why Us?

If you would like a chance to work with the prominent managers in various industries, take the fullest advantage of working frequently with international offices and clients as a global corporate company, and demonstrate your teamwork and leadership skills in a short period of time; the Corporate Finance Department at KPMG Turkey is waiting for you!

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