As KPMG Turkey, we know that our most valuable capital is our people and we support the investments of our community in education.

As KPMG Turkey, we know that our most valuable capital is our people...

As KPMG Turkey, we know that our most valuable capital is our people and we support the investments of our community in education.

With this point of view; we have contributed to the “METU in Van” Project of Eymir Cultural Foundation to build a new classroom bearing KPMG’s name for Van Yüzüncü Yıl University which had been seriously damaged after the earthquake in Van on 23 October 2011. KPMG International and KPMG ELLP made valuable contributions as well.

To make our support to the students of Van Yüzüncü Yıl University sustainable, we took the first step of a comprehensive and long-term project with the “Choosing the Right Career” seminar on 4 June 2013. Audit, tax and advisory services industry and KPMG’s services have been explained, and information that could help the students shape their career path has been shared.

In 2013-2014 academic year, top students at Van Yüzüncü Yıl University will be provided grant and internship opportunities and KPMG professionals will give lectures at the university.


We joined hands with Türkeli Village School in Ağrı

The aid campaign for the Türkeli Village School in Ağrı that began with the suggestion of Algan, KPMG Turkey Audit Professional, has been a very good report card gift for the little ones in Ağrı, thanks to our employees’ supports. Algan who went to Ağrı and gave the students our gifts, came back with lots of love and thanks.

Our aid campaign continued with renovations in order to make the school safer, healthier and a better place for the new academic year. KPMG Volunteers went to Ağrı in September and rolled up their sleeves!
KPMG Volunteers painted the inner and outer walls of the school, repaired the roof, carpeted the kindergarden, renovated the sports fields and supported the construction of the retaining wall both materially and morally. Before the begining of the school year on 16 September 2013, KPMG Volunteers gifted books, stationary equipments, computer, printer, projection and photocopier and made the general cleaning of the school to let the little students start a new school year at a totally new school.
The second step was to plant trees at the school garden to lanscape and all villagers of Türkeli readily supported this project. Between 5-7 Mayıs 2014 some of our volunteers, Ferruh Tunç, Figen Tahiroğlu, Cihan Kaban, Cansu Ağırbaş, Aslı Melek Gülseren, Sezgin Topçu and Yunus Emre Acar went to Ağrı. The aim of the visit was to help to improve the children’s social and cultural conditions and to support their education.

KPMG Turkey supports YASED’s Koza Project

Launched in 2009, International Investors Association’s (YASED) Koza Project has since provided 500 students internship opportunity in more than 100 YASED-member international companies. This year’s application process includes junior and senior university students based in selected provinces, which fall into the least-developed fifth and sixth regions according to the new incentives system declared by the government. The goal of the Project is to help participating students explore professional life and develop opinions to shape their future.

As part of the Koza Project, one student made her internship in Outsource department, and another one in Audit department of KPMG Turkey in July 2013.