Legal and Tax

Legal and Tax

KPMG Accountants help with succession planning, family business succession, Tax advice, succession Quickscan, direct taxation and VAT.

KPMG Accountants help with succession planning, Tax advice, direct taxation and VAT.

Tax consulting and compliance

In order to offer appropriate advice, we  assess the extent to which tax options are already being used and/or whether any risks are involved. Based on this assessment we then provide you with advice on matters such as payroll taxes (including the work-related costs scheme), corporate tax, VAT, registration duties and excise duties.

Legal and VAT 

Our KPMG Accounting advisory team offers you insights in your financial and tax situation and even your succession planning. We can provide you with practical advice. Our scan consists of a questionnaire that provides an inventory of the relevant points where attention or advice is needed. These elements can include the business structure, remuneration and capital structure.


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