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KPMG Cyber Security Challenge 2021 Results

Thank you for all the teams joining us in the KPMG Cyber Security Challenge 2021.
We appreciate your participation, effort, and for making this challenge memorable!

See you all on KPMG Cyber Security Challenge next year.

Registration open [Closed]

KPMG in Thailand is proud to host the “Cyber Security Challenge 2021” to bring together talented youngsters from universities across Thailand.

You are invited to join in the exciting world of cybersecurity competition where you can put your skills to use in realistic situations while building up memorable experiences with your teammates.

This year KPMG Cyber Security Challenge will be organized virtually in a Jeopardy-style CTF where the challenge is divided into 10 categories. Participating teams must solve a number of cybersecurity-related quests, capture the flag to score, and get a chance to win a top scorer prize up to THB 100,000.

Build up your squad and register now to become one of the top teams to showcase your cybersecurity skills. For those who are new to the competition, please don’t let the fear stop you. Please reach out to your professors for further consultation and see you at Cyber Security Challenge 2021. 


What are the requirement to apply for KPMG Cyber Security Challenge 2021?

  • Students studying in the university in Thailand in the 2nd year to 4th year in a faculty of Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Information and Communication Technology or other equivalent programs.
  • A team must consist of 4 members - 1 captain and 3 members - who are studying at the same university. Members from different majors/faculties are accepted.
  • The advisor team must be professors from universities in Thailand


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KPMG Cyber Security Challenge

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