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The true power of emerging technologies lies in the transformative capabilities they unleash when integrated together under a common vision and infrastructure.

Sixty-four percent of executives agree with the assertion that the combined use of emerging technologies is much more beneficial than using emerging technologies in isolation.

Interestingly, organizations that strongly agree with the statement above are more likely to have realized value from emerging technology investments than those that disagree.

Realizing that the power of “and” is greater than the power of “or,” many organizations are now combining emerging technologies to significantly enhance their value. For example, in more than one-third of all emerging technology initiatives, business leaders are using AI-powered cloud solutions and view them as a crucial cog in their digital transformation efforts.

Percentage of respondents saying their company is already seeing tangible value from emerging technology, chart

As people settle into altered ways of working and interacting, responding to spikes in the virus, emerging technologies will set a new foundation for continued resilience and future preparedness. With more businesses adopting a remote-first model, leveraging digital tools like AI, computer vision, AR/VR, robotics, and automation can help create more positive and connected virtual experiences. Smart buildings, digital twins, no-touch checkout, human-centered design, and other innovations will help create safer human interactions by reducing physical contact. Lean and agile ways of innovating, developing, deploying, and testing innovations will help organizations put digital at the core, addressing the fundamental need for more resilience across the enterprise. The new-reality digital enterprise, powered by emerging technologies, will provide a new level of insights and capabilities to respond to future events without repeating the mistakes of the past.