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Budget pressures and operating model stresses are forcing organizations to prioritize areas that bring important near-term benefits over technology investments with a longer time horizon to value realization.

Enterprises are focusing in on the “have to haves” over the “nice to haves,” prioritizing projects destined to strengthen business resilience and protect the company’s future.

The primary focus of current investments is on more mature technologies such as cloud, automation, and analytics that will help organizations respond to current problems, drive quick ROI, and maintain the future trajectory.

Cloud computing is at the heart of emerging technology discussions.

56 percent of executives agree that cloud migration has become an absolute necessity.

Enterprises have increased their investments in smart analytics since the pandemic hit. Businesses were looking to beef up their data analytics capabilities even before COVID-19 drove customers and employees to virtual touchpoints. Now, with large segments of employees working remotely and more customers interacting with businesses online, enterprises are trying to advance their analytics capabilities to capitalize on insights drawn from widening digital footprints.