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Customer centricity

Customer centricity

Getting it right is hard – but essential


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It’s one thing to say you have put customers at the heart of your business. It’s much harder to make sure you have actually done it.

Yet the Top of Mind Survey shows that those retailers, manufacturers and platform businesses which have invested time and money in turning rhetoric into reality are driving growth in profits and revenues. Customer-centric companies are also more likely to be focusing on – and therefore already dealing with – such critical issues as declining brand loyalty and consumers’ ever-more abbreviated attention spans.

Customer centricity correlates with growth

Chart: Customer centricity correlates with growth

Source: 2018 Top of Mind Survey

Julio Hernandez, Global Lead for KPMG’s Global Customer Center of Excellence, says that, in a market where the consumer has so many choices, customer centricity is a journey, not a destination. Consumers are changing, technology is changing and the competition is changing, so companies need to keep refreshing their customer proposition to stay relevant and competitive.

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