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Country reports

Country reports


"International brands are raising the bar by educating the Australian consumer on what good can look like. The challenge for brands in Australia is to strike the right balance between these global standards, their individual brand promise and customer expectations.”

Kelly Owens, Head of Customer Advisory, KPMG Australia


"The CX leaders demonstrate that for Chinese brands to progress there should be three key areas of focus: a desire to innovate and continue leveraging digital and mobile technologies, a commitment to integrity, and the ability to offer premium experiences to meet growing customer expectations.”

Reynold Liu, Head of Management Consulting, KPMG China


Rankings are unavailable for mainland China.


“We’ve seen an increased focus on customer experience in Denmark. Organizations are developing CX strategies, appointing journey owners and deploying CX metrics as part of their KPIs. The role of digital is also increasing across all sectors. However, many organizations are still struggling to connect their online and offline assets into a seamless experience for the customer.”

Joakim Abeleen, Customer Lead, KPMG Denmark


“Our 2018 study clearly shows three main trends. First, that customer experience has become universal – all sectors are now competing against each other and consumers now compare their experiences against the best in the country rather than the best in the sector. It also demonstrates that the human side of the relationship is key to delivering a lasting and superior customer experience. The third trend is the movement of customer-centricity into the back office; the entire enterprise needs to be working towards excellence in customer journeys in order for the experience to be excellent. The good news is that customer experience leaders in France understand these trends and have been working to improve their performance day by day in a continuous way."

Emmanuel Hembert, Partner, Strategy, Customer and Operations, KPMG in France


"India is continuing its indulgence with experiences which customers can live, share and feel connected with. Brands need to find a way to bring experiences to life and fulfill their customer promise at each transaction”

Aditya Rath, Partner, Customer Advisory, KPMG India


This is a selection of the highest performing Indian brands in the research. The study also included global brands.


“Premium brands are delivering a consistent high-quality experience for the Italian customer. For the everyday brands to keep up, they must master an omni-channel approach that will reap commercial rewards.”

Paolo Capaccioni, Partner, Head of Customer Advisory, KPMG in Italy


“With such a variety of nationalities living, working and consuming in Luxembourg, the opportunity here is for businesses that cater to the many cultures – brands need to have a strong set of intercultural capabilities across the customer experience to adapt and to achieve greater customer satisfaction.”

Jean-Pascal Nepper, Head of Customer and Operations, KPMG Luxembourg


“The leading brands in Mexico demonstrate the importance of understanding consumers, and the moments that matter to them, to be able to personalize experiences. It’s a crucial aspect of customer experience that cannot be overlooked in such a competitive landscape.”

Manuel Hinojosa, Partner, Head of Innovation and Customer Experience, KPMG in Mexico


“In a world of rising expectations, the pillar of Personalization is becoming increasingly important for Dutch brands to consider in their CX strategy. It drives customer loyalty and will ultimately help to ensure organizations have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Jan-Paul van Term, Customer Advisory Lead, KPMG in the Netherlands

New Zealand

“Facing increasing competition from overseas, NZ organizations need to keep up with the digital pace that is being set. They need to leverage digital technologies to create frictionless experiences that minimize customer effort.”

Simon Hunter, Partner, KPMG New Zealand


“Norwegian businesses must work to meet the high expectations of consumers that are being set by global brands. Seamless omni-channel experiences, combined with more personalized interactions with customers leveraging digital technologies, will advance their CX performance.”

Yngve Fjell, Customer Advisory Lead, KPMG Norway


“Customer experience is a top of mind concept in the UAE. More and more companies are appreciating the benefits of investing in CX, and the results of doing so are clear from the leading brands in our research.”

Farhan Syed, Partner, KPMG Lower Gulf

United Kingdom

“What will distinguish the competitively superior companies of tomorrow will be digital operational excellence combined with deep knowledge and insight about their customer’s preferences and behavior.”

Adrian Clamp, Customer Lead, KPMG UK

United States

“As the US continues along the journey toward customer experience excellence, we find ourselves at a crossroads, with companies accelerating core CX competency development while abandoning initiatives that no longer deliver value.”

Jeffrey Mango, Head of Advisory, KPMG US